About this site

In my opinion the reason a lot of people turn away from, or are cold toward Christianity is because they think they know about it, when in reality they don’t. They lack information, or they are plainly misinformed. Or worse yet, they’ve seen a bad example from “so called” Christians. I think it’s time people realize they can’t draw conclusions from what they see from the majority of Christians. I hear well known atheists giving speeches about their views, and the way they describe God is very incorrect! (That is if He existed, they propose.) And if God were like that I wouldn’t like Him either, but those atheists don’t even know what they’re criticizing! It’s very sad, but there is a major world-wide ignorance about the true nature and character of God!

One of the saddest stories is the following of Mahatma Gandhi, when he actually showed interest to become a Christian:

“Where can we situate the terminus ad qu of Gandhi’s rejection of Christianity? His rejection grew out of an experience he had in South Africa. After reading the Bible and the life of Jesus, he was eager to exploring becoming a Christian. He decided thus to attend a church service. When he reached the door, the church elder asked “where do you think you are going, kaffir….There is no room for kaffirs in this church. Get out of here or I’ll have my assistants throw you down the steps”. This is one who was just from reading the life of Christ as an epitome of love, unity, etc. Gandhi did not hesitate to confront Christendom with the principles of Christ.  What is the Basis therefore of Gandhi’s hate for the Christians? They are unlike Christ, they do not put into practice their religious principles…” (Source)

My goal with this site is that I’d try to provide a well-rounded picture of what Christianity really is. Of course this will be filtered through my way of seeing it, and yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so the material presented is far from being complete. But what I’d like to prove here most is that God is far-far removed from religion! Is there a difference between God and religion? Yes! How can we know then the difference – you might ask? To this and many other questions will this site provide an explanation.

by László Balogh