About this site

by László Balogh

First of all, welcome to my website! I hope you will find many interesting things to read about and discover.

Having an inquisitive mind, I’ve always liked getting to the bottom of things. I like understanding the full picture, and I try to pay attention to detail. The big picture always seems to be like a puzzle – all the pieces need to be put in the right place. We have a tendency to build a big picture from the information we know and we often forget that new evidence may appear, which always alters the full picture. I think it’s important to stay open and accept the fact that discovery may be a long and tedious journey. When we interpret our discoveries and draw conclusions, we must keep in mind that new factors will likely surface, and we have to be willing to accept the change that may come as a result.

There are countless misconceptions concerning Christianity. People observe the sample of churches and Christians, read books, watch videos, and then naturally, draw conclusions. I wondered how I could provide a comprehensive picture that would clear much of the misunderstandings and help to bring one to conclusions that truly represent Christianity. God is so many things at once, and He has many facets to His Being. It is possible to discover Him and get near Him from a number of angles. Therefore, I decided to do just that. I chose to provide links to a number of websites that are experts on a certain aspect of God. The advantage of that is that you will find focused and detailed information. Your big picture will be broadened and your view of God will be multi-faceted. I would like to note here, that those websites were selected for the value of their expertise. I may not necessarily agree with them on other topics. I still felt it would be all right to do it this way, as I have never found a ministry so far that taught on every topic with equal precision. So, follow them for their expertise, and let them fill the need in the field they know best. Just as you take your car to the mechanic and your clothes to the dry cleaner, and not the other way around.

I see the church of believers, as a whole, growing up in all aspects of God as they should, but somehow, some people or ministries are just stronger in some aspects than others. I think, there is nothing wrong with that. Just acknowledge that fact and be aware of it. Be a thinking person, and join in the quest of putting the puzzle pieces together. God doesn’t want you just to be spoon-fed forever, but He wants to build a personal relationship with you, and speak to you personally.      

Besides the websites I linked, I started a blog as well. In that, I write about my personal views and beliefs on different issues. The articles are a result of years of study and personal experience. I believe, a faith of any sort should be experiential, or else it’s useless. I am not particularly interested in empty philosophy. If God is real, He needs to be tangibly present in one’s life.  

All this to say, I wish you a happy reading!


Photo in Header Image by Simon Migaj from Pexels

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