It’s a lie that money can’t buy happiness

A friend of mine told me a few weeks ago that some people in his village got into serious difficulty. It was a couple with a young, one year old boy. The wife was unable to work due to some sickness she’d been having for a while. The husband just got a job after being unemployed for a long time. They were living in serious poverty in the dead of winter and the long awaited first pay check was still underway. Their situation drew the local authorities’ attention, and concern was raised for the wellbeing of the child. They got an ultimatum: they had to have heating and sufficient amount of food in the house by the following week or else their son would be taken away from them.

After hearing about this, my friend and his sister took action. With the help of some of their friends they did a huge grocery shopping, ordered two cubic meters of wood for heating and delivered everything the same afternoon to the distressed family. The husband wasn’t at home, but the surprised woman kept on thanking and hugging them while crying tears of joy. The following week the family got a visit by the authorities and they found the situation satisfactory. The young child could stay with his mom and dad, and they were indescribably happy.

It’s a lie that money can’t buy happiness…

Image by serrano1004 from Pixabay

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