jesus heals


One of the most exciting things is that God still does miracles. Sadly many Christians don’t believe in it, some even fight it. Obviously, getting a miracle is the result of tapping into the spirit world somehow. It’s when the spirit world reaches over to the physical world and fixes something. True, it is a fine line to walk on. There are various ways to tap into the spirit world, and many of them are not God’s way. Even Christians can get sidetracked if they don’t follow the Bible explicitly, I guess that’s why there is so much division about this among believers. One sure way of not making a mistake is if we never try. But on the other hand, there is a lot to miss out on as well, for example a loved one getting healed from a terminal disease.

I know it sounds unbelievable, and I know that mainstream media doesn’t talk about it, but again, it’s just plain lack of information. God is trying to speak so loud through many means, but his voice is silenced, because he’s not very welcome in this world. The healing of our bodies is again just a way God wants to show his love for us. You might ask – why don’t we see more of it then? Why is there so much suffering still in this world through sickness? I tell you why: it’s because not enough believers know how to get it done. This is not a lack on God’s part, if anyone is to blame it’s not God, but the lack of knowledge. If you didn’t hear about divine healing yet, you haven’t looked in the right place.

There are many churches already that are teaching and practicing divine healing with astonishing results. One of the leading ministries is JGLM with Curry Blake as general overseer. He has amazing stories and his teaching is very structured and compelling.

The website I would like to suggest you to study is:

The best study course on healing I found so far is done by Curry Blake. The link below is the first part of a 17 part series. It was done in Doncaster, Australia in 2010. You’ll most likely find the rest of the seminar posted there too.

Doncaster Seminar

This other one was also done by Curry Blake in Seattle, USA. It’s worth watching as each seminar is somewhat different. This one is a playlist, so all the rest is already there.

Seattle Seminar

by László Balogh