by László Balogh

God is a spirit. There is no time for Him, therefore He lives in the eternal now. This allows Him to see into the future and He very often lets His people know what’s coming. At least part of it. It has happened in the past; many of those prophecies are recorded in the Bible and some of them have already come true. God is a living God and He has not stopped talking. There are prophets in this very day who are revealing incredible things. God is trying to reach people in any way possible and He is using signs and wonders. Prophecy along with healing is one of those ways. One of the people who have a prophetic ministry is Bobby Conner. I’m not totally familiar with the entirety of his ministry but I have read some of his teachings and heard some of his stories which should definitely perk up your interest and move you further in your search of that fifth dimension.

I have posted three of his amazing stories (full CD available here) and there are many more you can find on YouTube.

The website to check out is: