by László Balogh

I will put up odds and ends here that somehow impacted my life and shaped my knowledge of God.

First of all I would like to draw your attention to three documentaries filled with miracles God is doing all over the world. These things have been happening for a while now, but you have to look in the right place! The movies were made by Darren Wilson and here are the links to the trailers:

Finger of God
Furious Love
Father of Lights

If you’re interested in thorough teachings on a wide variety of topics, I would suggest you check out Andrew Wommack’s website and a teaching series Dan Mohler did some years ago.

Andrew Wommack

Dan Mohler

I have already referred to Lee Strobel on this site in the “Bible” category. As an atheist he set out on a journey to discover whether Jesus was real and he wrote a book about it called “The Case for Christ”. The reference here is not the book, but a lecture about his story:

The Case for Christ