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Jesus – Prosperous or Poor?

by László Balogh

I hear of so many discussions and arguments about how to fix the world. Which way of governance, what type of economic system is the best? Conservative, liberal, capitalist, socialist? People can get very heated over these issues. We have seen all of these political and economic approaches in operation in the past, but somehow they all get shipwrecked on the way. There is always something that corrupts the process. Somehow we just don’t get them to work as they’re supposed to. Why is that?

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by László Balogh


According to New Age philosophy, Christ is an inward state of awareness and divine being that can be accessed by each person. Christ is ultimately who we are, and our true nature is union with God. Christ is a nature we tap into in our purest, formless state of being. Christ consciousness is a state of realizing that one is as Christ was – unified with God. So, Jesus actually became Christ by realizing that he was God at his innermost core. Therefore we are all God, we just haven’t realized it yet.



by László Balogh

Have you ever loved somebody deeply and intimately? A mate, a parent, a child? Now, that is a perfect sample of what our relationship with God should be. Jesus actually said that we shouldn’t call anybody father, because our real Father is in Heaven. That is not to disrespect our earthly parents, but to understand that we have a heavenly Father who loves us more than any earthly person can.

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by László Balogh


I think many of us have seen the famous movie “Good Will Hunting”. The story is about a young man (Will – Matt Damon), who is a math genius, very intelligent, yet he is incapable of certain social functions. The reason for that is that he was physically abused as a child by his foster father, which left him with a lot of emotional pain. As a result he carried a lot of guilt, shame and the blame for what he has become. A turning point in the story is when his psychologist

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No, You’re Not Mad At God

by László Balogh

Truth is a very interesting thing. What is truth? Or better yet, what is your perception of truth? Those two can be a totally different thing actually. We usually don’t think about not being right, I guess we all think we’re right about most things. But when it comes to God, this should be a little different. What I mean is that you really have to know God very well to say that you are right about what He’s like.

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The Law Of Attraction

by László Balogh




A little while ago I’ve watched a couple of interesting videos about the law of attraction. Pretty much the first thing a speaker brought up was that we need to realize that our physical world is controlled by the metaphysical. It’s nothing spooky, it just means “beyond the physical”; the things you cannot see with your eyes. They explained that the core of the law of attraction is that you let your thoughts, beliefs and imaginations control your outside circumstances.

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