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My first book, The New Human Species is now available in the Amazon Kindle Store.

A man who was unique in many ways lived on Earth a long time ago – Jesus Christ. He proclaimed the dawn of a new era, he healed the sick, and he fed the poor. His contemporaries recorded his life and message. He announced that everyone who follows in his footsteps would be able to do the same things that he did. Was this extraordinary claim only meant to be metaphorical? Many people all around the world are catching on to the reality of this statement and proving for themselves that it is possible.

Author László Balogh believes that a faith of any sort should have practical applications in one’s life, otherwise it’s useless. This book lays a clear foundation on the following:

  • What the legal basis of being able to live a superior life is
  • How that life transformation begins
  • What are the inevitable benefits that follow
  • What the journey of spiritual growth entails, and lastly
  • What makes this way so pleasant and welcoming

The legacy of Jesus opens such daring prospects that many hesitate to believe. The reading of this book supplies the confidence for that belief and provides the reasons why this is all possible.

Featured image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay