Have you ever wondered about infinity? To me, this is one of the most intriguing things to talk about. I will jump to the conclusion of my article right at the beginning: the reason we can’t figure God out, is because the human mind can’t grasp the concept of infinity. Mathematics talks about infinity as a concept; in other words, it exists, yet it’s not real. There is a clear and logical way how we get to the infinite. It all starts in reality, but at one unclear and undefined point, we start calling it a concept. There is no logical reason why we couldn’t add +1 to any real number anymore, yet at one point the whole thing loses meaning and relevance to us, because, frankly we just can’t understand it. We know infinity is there, we just can’t comprehend it anymore. Infinity has a connection to reality, because it starts out in there, but then it grows either too big or too small to the point that we just don’t understand it anymore. And, not just don’t understand it, but we can’t even imagine it. The only reason we call infinity unreal, is because we can’t understand it.

To be honest, that’s not really a logical reason. This is nothing more than a clear demonstration of our limited understanding. No logic, no reason, just the raw acknowledging of the end of our cognitive capability. God lives in the infinite! How could we figure Him out? God is the collection of many things; I will mention a few.

God is the sum of all knowledge.

We all understand what a lot of knowledge is.

But all knowledge?

No, that’s too much.


God is love.

We all understand what much of love is.

But immeasurable love?

No, it’s not possible.


God is omnipotent.

We all understand what great power is.

But unlimited power?

No, it cannot be.


God is life.

We all understand what long life is.

But everlasting life?

No, nothing is forever.


These are the things we say, but all because we can’t understand infinity. Knowledge, love, power, life – we’re all familiar with these, because they are real. But an infinite measure of them? That’s just too much for our comprehension. We fail to understand who God is, but only because of our limitations. We don’t even have to get into a sophisticated debate over God. We don’t have to get too deep with this. This one concept can fail us. This one concept clearly reveals that our comprehension doesn’t measure up. We’re just not on that level. There is nothing wrong with admitting this. In fact, it will put us in a position where we are more open-minded to the possibility of God.

Photo by Luis Felipe Alburquerque Briganti

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